Mike Jones: Rapper, Lawyer Spokesman, Expert Locksmith

blame it on Meka August 28, 2015

Rap is a funny place. One moment you’re selling records like gangbusters and belting out your phone number in your own songs, the next moment you’re endorsing Cellino & Barnes wannabes in local adverts in Georgia.

Okay, let’s not pretend that we don’t hear the same jingle in our heads when you read the words “Cellino And Barnes, Injury Attorneys, Eight-Hundred-Eight-Eight-Eight, Eight-Eight-Eight-Eight.” But I’m digressing.

Anyways, the former Swishahouse standout was spotted doing another homebred commercial, this time for the LockedOut phone app based in Las Vegas. And by “homebred” I literally mean homebred, as Mike Jones is actually recording the song in a home studio. I’m so confused at all of this that I can’t even be bothered trying to decipher or even insult what just crossed my eyes. Just hit play and enjoy.

I love the Internet, man…