Tyga Attempts To Make Pedophilia Okay With “Stimulated” Video

blame it on Meka August 31, 2015

See, this is why the rap world refuses to have any respect for Tyga. On top of being a living, breathing troll who has no sense of shame, remorse or even the most basic of logically sound moral judgement, he’s also a father. A father to a child he co-created with a former stripper from Miami loaded with so much plastic that I’m unsure if she’s biodegradable at this point, but a father nonetheless. But, instead, he drops mediocre music, hangs with fellow controversial musicians and parades around with a chick who just graduated high school.

Anyways, T-Rassh dropped a new mixtape, F*k Wat They Talkin Bout’, which features the song “Stimulated” where he’s basically rapping about banging his girlfriend, who mind you turned 18 a few weeks ago. Even better worse? The guy made a video about banging his girlfriend, who mind you JUST TURNED EIGHTEEN A FEW WEEKS AGO. Watch this if you want, but the nausea won’t be by our hands.