Hurt Everybody Release An EP Made In 24 Hours

blame it on Patrick Glynn September 7, 2015

Chicago trio Hurt Everybody continues its grind following the release of 2K47 in July with a new EP made in 24 hours, the aptly titled 24EP.

The whole process of the five-track EP being made was profiled by Mishkla Records, who released the EP, and it detailed the members of the trio and their affiliates coming in and out of the studio on June 1 working on the project.

Below is the result of the experiment from Supa BWE, Carl and Mulatto Beats. They made five songs, one which came from producer ZenZen and a beat he made as the sun was rising. There was little sleep and even less sunlight, but the experiment turned out pretty cool. Whether you enjoy all of the songs or none, it shows the amount of creativity that an culminate in a short period of time.

Listen to the 24EP below.

Watch a documentary of the 24-hour experience, as well.