Milo – “Zen Scientist” f. Myka 9

blame it on Patrick Glynn September 8, 2015

Milo took a brief, fabulous excursion out into the lo-fi wilderness earlier this year as Scallops Hotel with his LP Plain Speaking, but the Milwaukee emcee has returned to his normal moniker with a new single that is the first off a newly announced album, So The Flies Don’t Come.

Milo’s never been one to shy to say specifically what comes to his mind, what makes him happy and what he believes. At times, it’s difficult to make sense of. He acknowledges that, maybe unintentionally a the beginning of the song, stating, “there seems to be some misconceptions here.” But it all comes together in the end when you realize that he, the “zen scientist,” is one trying to “let his soul fly.” He’s living in a world that encourages complacency, and he’s trying to defeat that. I mean, Ken-Siro Wiwa let his soul fly. So did Black Orpheus. DJ Syndicate, too. Why shouldn’t he?

Listen to “Zen Scientist,” which features Myka 9 and production from Kenny Segal, below. Pre-order So The Flies Don’t Come on Bandcamp.