Big Boi & Phantogram Unveil ‘BigGrams’ Artwork, Tracklist, Release Date

blame it on Shake September 9, 2015

As we reported a couple days ago, Big Boi and electronic powerhouse Phantogram have completed their collaborative debut, Big Grams. And today, the eclectic trio have unveiled the project’s artwork, tracklist, and release date.

Impacting on September 25th (!!!) – sorry, I’ve just been clamoring for this project ever since they started teasing it last year – the EP will include seven songs with guest features from Run the Jewels and Skrillex. When asked about the sound, the lovely Sarah Bathel shared the following with Pitchfork:

“The idea of the project was to do something fun and to not be stressed out about releasing an album that’s going to be, that’s gotta sound like this, or it has to be like that, because sometimes that happens with Phantogram, or other artists can have the same problem. We took it lighter. We told ourselves this is going to be a fun project and we can just throw out there and see what happens, see if people are vibing on it and if it gets some attention, or if it doesn’t and it’s all good, we wanted to do it anyway.

It’s kind of a taste of ideas. It’s not Big Boi and Phantogram music. It’s Big Grams, which is different. It’s a whole different project. It’s stuff that we wouldn’t put on our own records, but just kind of something completely different so you get a taste of. There’s songs that I rap on, there’s songs that Big sings on. There’s songs that Josh raps on. It doesn’t sound pretentious in any way, because we just wanted to do whatever the fuck we wanted to do.”

The first single, “Fell In The Sun,” debuts tomorrow when the trio sits down with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 (12:30pm EST) for their first radio interview as Big Grams. Until then, find out how the three came together, and peep the official artwork and tracklist, below.

“I stumbled upon Phantogram through a pop-up ad on my computer. I was closing out screens and then a pop-up ad came up and it had their song “Mouthful of Diamonds” on it. I Shazamed it and bought it on iTunes, and ended up putting it on my website as the jam of the week. I guess they caught wind of it and reached out to me. We began a conversation, and they sent me vinyl of their first record. We began to talk then, and was supposed to catch up with them then when I was doing Governors Ball [in New York City] but we kind of just talked on the phone. Then, we crossed paths at Outside Lands Festival out of San Francisco and we hit it off real cool. I invited them back to Stankonia [Studios] and we just started making magical music.”


01 Run for Your Life
02 Lights On
03 Fell In The Sun
04 Put It On Her
05 Goldmine Junkie
06 Born To Shine f. Run the Jewels
07 Drum Machine f. Skrillex

Pre-orders begin tomorrow.