DedeKind Cut (aka Lee Bannon) Drops A New EP, ‘Thot eNhancer’

blame it on Patrick Glynn September 9, 2015

Lee Bannon, one of Sacramento’s most talented producers, had been planning on releasing music under a new moniker, ¬ b, since he dropped his Pattern of Excel LP in July. It seems now we have a different moniker, DedeKind Cut, along with a new project, Thot eNhancer.

This is some dark stuff. As if the artwork didn’t set the tone, the project is full of deep, sullen vibes as Bannon explore this new artistic outlet in an incredibly moody way. Have you ever seen Stan Brakrage’s Dog Star Man? Whenever I hear super-muddled and distorted music, it reminded me of this film. DedeKind’s new EP sounds like its perfect soundtrack. Ascending to a high-tempo, highly distorted peak on “Further (with an open mouth),” the project gradually comes back to a level-headed Earth with the album’s finale, “True Lover$ knot.”

Thot eNhancer is a great introduction to this new artistic outlet that clear draws some influence from the likes of MFDoom & Flying Lotus/Captain Murphy. I’ll be keeping this on play for a while.

Stream Thot eNhancer below, and purchase it on Bandcamp.