Dee-1 – “Call Yo Bluff”

blame it on Meka September 10, 2015

You may not think so, but Dee-1 has a lot in common with Lil Wayne (and I’m not just referring to their preference in hair styles). Both hailing from New Orleans, Weezy has been a major influence on fellow aspiring emcees from The Crescent City such as Dee. However, Dee wishes that he would see more of that “Georgia… Bush” or “Hollywood Divorce” style of quasi-conscious raps Wayne has shown fleetingly rather than the… shall we say… penchant for violence, gasoline, money, and fur-burgers that come from his “liquid non-sequiturs”-addled mind that we all know and love.

Hence the premise behind the song, “Call Yo Bluff.” In the song, Dee imagines having a conversation with Wayne asking him – and many rappers in general – to use the power of their influence to bring light to many of the more pressing issues affecting both their culture and its denizens today. Listen to the latest track from Dee-1 below, and get ready for his new mixtape Separated At Birth on September 15th.