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Deacon the Villain – “A Miracle Exists” x “Ghosts Don’t Lie” f. Natti

blame it on Shake September 11, 2015

Last month, Deacon the Villain announced that he would finally be releasing his long-awaited solo album, Peace or Power, on September 30th. The news arrived with the unveiling of some incredible artwork (Seriously, Michael Manomivibul killed it!) and an equally dope trailer – but, unfortunately, no actual music. Fast forward three weeks, and today, we finally get our first taste with a pair of diverse singles.

Up first, Deacon channels his inner Parliament/Bootsy Collins on “A Miracle Exists.” Heavy on the psychedelic vibes, the self-produced jam is a beautiful dedication to the overall essence of a woman. They’re the closest thing we have to Heaven on Earth, and the Kentucky native wants to make sure they feel appreciated.

(Fun Fact: Outside of the female appearing at the end, Deacon handles all the vocals.)

Back to rapping, Deac is joined by his partner-in-rhyme Natti on “Ghosts Don’t Die.” Driven by the old adage that the truth will come to light, the CunninLynguists emcees adjust their focus on racism in America, and break down how the current issues are a direct result of the country sweeping hundreds of years of dirt under its own rug.

Centuries of mis-education and mis-information has lead to all kinds of disharmony and the only way we’ll ever be able to get past our past, is complete transparency. America needs to confess to its sins and teach the true history in schools. Share the true history on various news outlets and help encourage the awkward conversations that need to occur for people to heal and finally get closure.

Taking the flag down in South Carolina was a nice step, but what about Mississippi? What about the streets named after confederate generals throughout the south? Slave trade memorabilia sold in southern gift shops? There’s still a ways to go.