Ice Cube, DJ Yella & More Break Down The Creation Of NWA’s “F*ck Tha Police”

blame it on Meka September 11, 2015

Throughout the NWA film Straight Outta Compton (which has thus far grossed $169.3 million), a focal point of the movie was the creation of the legendary group’s incendiary takedown of the warranted law employees, “F*ck Tha Police,” which was inspired after they had numerous racially-motivated run-ins with the law. Little did they know how much impact the second track from their debut album would have.

In a new documentary, Noisey takes an in-depth look into the cultural influence of “F*ck Tha Police” and how its reverberations are still heavily felt today. Sitting down with Ice Cube and DJ Yella, as well as police officers from the Compton gang unit at the time and lifelong residents of Compton, each person provides their own insight about the song, the social climate in which the song arrived to, and much more. It’s definitely worth the watch.