Royce Da 5’9″ Talks Slaughterhouse, PRhyme 2, Eminem On A DJ Premier Beat & More

blame it on Shake September 11, 2015

Outside of PRhyme and some Slaughterhouse material, Royce Da 5’9″ has been relatively quiet the past couple years, but he’s looking to change that in a big way moving forward.

Nickel was the special guest on the latest episode of Andreas Hale and Kel Dansby’s The Corner podcast and the Detroit emcee had a lot to say. After talking all things boxing – mainly the Mayweather/Berto bout going down tomorrow (9/12) – he goes into detail about Slaughterhouse’s past missteps and how they, with the guidance of Just Blaze, have made a conscious effort to correct them on the new album.

Royce also touches on the possibility of another Bad Meets Evil album, getting Eminem on DJ Premier production, and his plans to drop a handful of projects in the next year. On top of the Slaughterhouse LP and PRhyme 2, he’s also planning a new series (along the lines of Bar Exam) and a major label solo album.

On the new Slaughterhouse album…

I gotta go to NYC on the 15th of this month and go over these last mixes for the Slaughterhouse album. Just Blaze is mixing right now. We’ll tighten up whatever we have to tighten up and we’re handing the album in.

It’s really introspective and vintage slaughterhouse. Just Blaze is a great executive producer with a lot of great ideas. He has this shit sounding like a movie. I think people are going to be really impressed. A lot of complaints that people had with the last album, which I was able to go back and catch in retrospect. Sometimes, man, as a creative person, you don’t catch everything. You don’t hear it the same way because it’s a situation will have you excited and at that time we had so many people talking like we couldn’t make records. So we were going in making these big ass records and I don’t know how all of them ended up on the same album. I don’t even remember. I think with that album it was the song selection. We had a bunch of songs that just didn’t make the final cut. We’re really conscious of that this time. People will be impressed and it will exceed expectations.

On dropping 4-5 projects in the next year…

Once I get back from this quick Slaughterhouse tour I’m going to get back to work on this solo project I have for a new series I’m starting. It’s kind of like how I did the Bar Exam series. Right after I’m done with that I’m jumping into the PRhyme 2 album and then I’m taking my other solo project, that’s not part of that series, probably to a major.

I’m looking to put out the Slaughterhouse album, the PRhyme Deluxe album, which is done right now, my solo album, that series and maybe something else within the course of the next year. I’m making up for the time I sat out the past two years.

On new Bad Meets Evil material…

The Bad Meets Evil stuff we look forward to doing it. I’ve gotta be in Detriot long enough and he has to be free then we just kind of have to be hanging out to do it because that’s how we did the last one. I had some songs he liked that he rapped on and he had some songs I liked. We just put them all together and did some more stuff and put the album out. When you’re friends with somebody who has their own label and they can do whatever they want to do that’s how it goes. It’s always a possibility. I haven’t spoken with him about that lately but I am supposed be going to see him soon and play him some music. I have a lot of music that he hasn’t heard so we just gotta kind of get together and update each other on everything.

On getting Eminem on a DJ Premier beat…

Em is the type who’ll say “why didn’t you ask to get me on this?” I don’t want to bother him. I try not to abuse friendships and make him feel like he has to rap on shit just because I’m doing it. That’s why I didn’t ask him to be on the first PRhyme album. Maybe the second one. That’s all I’m hearing. Everyone wants to hear him on a DJ Premier track so that’s definitely possibility.

The interview starts at the 1:00:50 mark, Hip-Hop at 1:27:48.

Royce Da 5’9″ and Andrew Schulz join Andreas & Kel to talk Mayweather vs. Berto, whether Mayweather will retire, if GGG is the real deal and the future of boxing. Royce also sheds some light on four (yes, four) projects he has in the works. We also discuss why Demetrious Johnson is the Floyd Mayweather of the UFC, Conor McGregor picking a fight with everyone, the strange episode of WWE Raw, Post Malone saying the N-word and whether or not you can eat cereal in the evening.