50 Cent Reacts to YouTube Comments For His Own “Candy Shop” Video

blame it on Meka September 14, 2015

If one wanted to pinpoint, exactly, where 50 Cent began his loosen his iron-clad grip from the throne he was perched upon during his memorable run through the Aughts, it would be squarely placed jammed hilt-deep into the first single from sophomore album The Massacre. The album had more false starts than a deaf track runner, and its first single “Candy Shop” was a rehashing of Curtis and Lil Kim’s “Magic Stick.”

So, naturally, with the advent of the Internets era of music, long-suffering watchers would save some of their best venom for when the video hit YouTube comments of the video. Or, you would think so, considering it was widely considered to be one of the worst ever songs from 50 Cent. Instead, you get a bunch of random bleeding-pants feminism, odd non sequiturs, and Curtis waxing poetics about pornos. This could’ve had the potential to be funnier than it actually is, but then again it’s the Internet.