Milo – “Song About A Raygunn (An Ode To Driver)”

blame it on Patrick Glynn September 14, 2015

Milo is appreciative of the help he’s had to where he’s gotten today in the rap game. He’s, in my mind, one of the more witty and wise rappers in the game, even at the young age of 23. But Milo did not become who he is without help and influence. The first single off the Wisconsin-bred emcee’s upcoming album, So The Files Don’t Come, featured one of the biggest influences on his style and sound, Myka 9. Now, Milo delivers the album’s second single showing an equal appreciation for one of his elders, Busdriver, with “Song About A Raygun (An Ode To Driver).”

Milo kicks of the dusty, quick tempo track saying Busdriver “is at the top of a very short list,” probably one of his favorite rappers or people who have meant the most to him. Milo notices what Busdriver has meant to him and other emcees, wanting to reciprocate what he’s done. “I’m strip myself to be a mirror for someone else,” he spits before dedicating a verse to all the wonderful things Busdriver does and says when he’s behind the mic. “He raps there’s no sense to be made. He raps like the eldest sap of the Everglades. … He raps with the grace of an old man shining his grandson’s shoes.” Most importantly, “when he raps, everyone, everywhere is always electrified, and no one would really mind if they were next to die.” People gravitate toward Busdriver’s words. They’re honest, they’re hot. It doesn’t matter if they don’t make sense to you, they do to him. They’re art. And Milo wants to replicate that. Well, Milo, you’re well on your way.

Listen to “Song About A Raygun (An Ode To Driver)” below, and pre-order So The Files Don’t Come on Bandcamp set to drop September 25.