Lorenzo Asher – “Good Vibes”

blame it on Shake September 15, 2015

Lorenzo Asher is back with some “Good Vibes” to help close out the summer. After heading to “Liverpool” with Michael Christmas, the Brooklyn-based emcee/singer returns with an anthem for positive living. When times get tough, you’ve got to stay strong and push through the hard times and overcome its obstacles.

“When I started the production on [‘Good Vibes’], I was just searching for something that would make me happy,” Asher shared with FADER. “I was all but clinically depressed. I think it was circumstantial. You know the story: Black kid, no Dad, rough family situation, etc etc. So, I just needed to lose myself in a song or a moment. I started playing the chords on my keyboard, which is where most of my songs start, and the melody came to me after 30 minutes or so. I started singing the good vibrations part, and my boy Eth was