Nolan The Ninja – “clockers.”

blame it on JES7 September 15, 2015

Detroit lyrical bomber Nolan The Ninja, whom we previously introduced you to on DJ Soko’s Domino Effect cut “Concoction” is now gearing up to release an EP of his own: Fuck The Hype.

Due to drop Nov. 10th on Soko’s Left of Center imprint, Nolan serves up an appetizer titled “clockers.” – a monster of a cut, produced by DaG and sure to whet our appetites until the piece de resistance rolls up to our tables.

What’s the story behind the track “clockers.”? What’s it about? Who produced it?

The idea for “clockers.” originates from the Spike Lee film of the same name, which is one of my favorite movies of all-time. With so much talk about street-life glorification in the mainstream, I wanted to flip the concept(s) and apply it to the rap game. Just like the classic saying by Nas goes, “the rap game is just like the crack game”. Every artist is a “clocker” of some sort; hustler. In a rapper’s case, we make money off of our words rather than doing dirt; “poetic clocking”, as I call it. But then again, the music industry is still just as risky. (laughs) As for the production, it was done by DaG. He’s a producer out of Ypsilanti, MI and a good friend of mine. One night, I went to a show that he was DJ’ing at and during an intermission, he played a snippet of the beat. A couple days later, I hit him up and asked for it. Then, presto! The song came to fruition. (laughs)

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