Chris Brown – “Zero”

blame it on Meka September 17, 2015

As much as people would like to disagree, Chris Brown does have a lot in common with some of his 90s R&B contemporaries like Bobby Brown and Aaron Hall: supremely talented and in possession of a genre-defining voice…. with a penchant for getting in trouble with the law, smashing more women than a Mario Brother and has an unlikeable personality. But hey, if you’re rather fleet-footed and have money, people tend to look past those many, many, many transgressions right?

Either way, Bhris will awkward soft shoe his way into the hearts and panties of his fans with a new album, Royalty, which is slated to drop sometime this year, and he’s released the latest offering from the song “Zero.” Like “Uptown Funk” and Macklemore‘s “Downtown” before it the song is another soundtrack to the revivalist disco scene, which is perfect for those who want to dance on the ceiling Lionel Richie-style at a party. I mean, Chris will likely forever remain an unlikeable person, but as long as he’s tapping his way to freedom many people will overlook that tiny facet.

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