Gerald Walker Releases Debut Album ‘Target’

blame it on Meka September 22, 2015

When I was first introduced to Gerald Walker, it was via his lengthy song titles (like “That Thing In Your Chest Doesn’t Beat. It Counts Down” for example). What kept me listening to his music, however, was his knack for crafting melodic and memorable songs with producers like Cardo. After releasing a myriad of mixtapes, Gerald has released his his debut studio album, Target.

Perhaps as an ode to his extra-long song titles, Gerald ironically keeps the song titles on Target relatively short… while Target itself is a double-album coming in at 23 tracks. With contributions from the likes of Slot-A, Oddisee, Esta, Cardo, Add-2, J.LBS, Swiff D and more, the album also formally introduces eight member vocal ensemble, The Walker Family, which provide assistance on songs like “Invincible,” “Follow Through” and “No Heart Feelings.” Stream Gerald’s Target below; your ears will thank you.