Killah Priest – “Quantum Spirit Of Creation” (Video)

blame it on JES7 September 26, 2015

Wu-Tang affiliate Killah Priest is a physical, walking think piece, known for his deep discerning devotion for knowledge. Perhaps it’s his connection with his Wu-Tang brethren, his alliance with the Black Hebrews and/or self-realization – but the brother is a gifted lyricist who educates about science through his music. Some may shun his artistry, and that could very well be attributed to the fact that a lot of his material may go over most people’s heads.

I mean, we are living in a world filled with ADHD, introversion and other ills of the mind, alienated and detached from reality due to intangible things and ideas like television and social media – the latter a complete paradox. Where social media is supposed to “help us connect with each other better and faster” is in reality just making us even more anti-social. Kids sit in coffee shops, texting or tweeting each other instead of communicating while you’re sitting right fucking there next to each other!

We’re scared to read. Scared to learn. Scared to listen. Scared to take risks. Terrified of change. I bet you half of y’all haven’t even gotten this far in this post. Because, 140 characters or less. Amirite?

I digress from this relevant tangent. The HRSMN returns with a trippy set of visuals for “Quantum Spirit of Creation,” laden with an abundance of jewels that will make you THINK. That is, if you LISTEN. Support Killah Priest and purchase his album, Planet of the Gods here.