Blu – “Heron” (prod. Numonics)

blame it on Shake September 28, 2015

Our man Numonics recently stumbled on an unreleased gem he laced with Blu and, instead of being greedy, he’s decided to liberate it to the masses! Co$$ and Numonics’ follow-up to Revelations.

“Came across this record while digging thru some of my older files. It’s a long story but this never came out. Blu spit such an incredible verse on this that I figured I’d might as well share it. Hope you dig it. This would’ve been on a project called “genesis” if you know much about my work.”

In case you aren’t familiar with his work, genesis was supposed to be the follow-up to Co$$ and Numonics’ Revelations LP, but the project never saw the light of day. It’s unfortunate too, as the 2010 release was dope as hell.