Mac Miller Talks Fame, Live Performances And Being A White Rapper With NPR

blame it on Patrick Glynn September 30, 2015

Mac Miller joined Frannie Kelley and Ali Shaheed Muhammad with NPR’s Microphone Check in Los Angels to discuss becoming famous, stepping away from hip-hop and getting sober and performing live around the country.

Throughout, they performed snippets of his newest album GO:OD AM while Mac stressed learning the importance of not overthinking music or performances. “If I make a bad song, my world’s not ruined,” said Mac, who discussed his recent revelation that because he’s so small, he’s allowed to make mistakes and learn from them. The world won’t end.

Mac also discussed being a white rapper in America and how he realizes that it has its advantages, though he didn’t want shortcuts. “I don’t want anything I didn’t work for; I don’t want to be ahead of anyone because of…,” Mac started, before Kelley finished “because of other people’s prejudices.” Though he doesn’t want it that way, Mac understands that he is white and that the world uses that in it’s own way. “I’m not here because I’m white, I’m here because I’m tight,” he unintentionally and jokingly cracked.

Listen to the interview below.