DMX Is My Hero & Spirit Animal

blame it on Meka October 2, 2015

Let’s be real: hip hop – and life in general – would be a lot more boring if DMX weren’t around. His entire life has been one of extremes: It’s Dark & Hell Is Hot is not only one of better hip hop projects of the 1990s, but it also has one of the most menacingly violent titles ever. His sex scene with Taral Hicks (and, by extension, his car scene with Vita) in Belly were, for lack of a better term, rougher than sandpaper covered in broken glass. Even riding a chintzy amusement park ride becomes a terrifying adventure in insanity. In short, Earl Simmons has done the one thing I have struggled to keep a hold on my entire life: embrace his crazy utterly and completely, and somehow thrive because of it.

It’s what makes things as simple as getting some breakfast an extraordinary experience for DMX. After getting out of prison (where he, strangely enough, would get locked up on the same day as Young Thug) after spending another government-sponsored vacation there, D ended up at an IHOP in Buffalo and so impressed by the food (and I’m assuming that IHOP food is better than any prison meal) that the guy ended up thanking the chefs personally:


Meanwhile, I can’t even get a bartender’s attention at any local dive. But I’m digressing.

Shortly after his pancakes adventure, D took his talents to Buffalo’s 7 Eyewitness News to speak on his recent struggles. While any normal individual would usually lament about their misfortunes, Earl maintains an actually inspiring outlook on life: that no matter how many times he falls, he’ll always get back up, dust himself off, and continue living life to the fullest.

Not too many people can be like DMX, and persist on maintaining an upbeat attitude despite facing constant obstacles. I’ll be honest: I’ve had a pretty rough couple of weeks, and I’ve questioned my faith and trust in a lot of things and people of late. However, things could be worse, and I could have just gotten out of prison like DMX. But to be honest, from the looks of those pictures and that interview he doesn’t even appear to be phased by any of it at all, and is just going about life as if everything is fine? and you know what? Everything is fine. And there is nothing wrong with that.