Put A ‘SMYLE’ On! KYLE’s New LP Is Out Now

blame it on Patrick Glynn October 2, 2015

California-bred rapper KYLE is the living metaphor of a kid in a candy shop when it comes to making rap music. There aren’t many people who seem to have as much fun and positivity within the whole process of curating music — from the ideas to beat selection to the overall message — as KYLE does.

Following his last album, Beautiful Loser, where he accept himself no matter how odd or annoying people may think his artistic ways may be, KYLE returns with SMYLE, an LP set to boast the same confidence starting with the album cover that displays and shows off his snaggletooth. Where some may find reasons to have a lack of confidence, KYLE always seems to spin things into positives. While the root of the reasoning may come from a dark place, the end goal is to inspire others to feel better by relating, similar to a way Chance the Rapper (who he collaborated with on “Remember Me?“) navigates his sounds.

Spanning 13 tracks, the most notable feature on SMYLE is Chance the Rapper followed by two more, SuperDude and Je$$e. This isn’t an album I’m going to take too serious in its attempts to influence a transformative mindset, even though it will probably be the most simplistic ideas of being nice to one another and accepting one’s self that have the largest impact.

Stream SMYLE on Spotify below, and head to iTunes to grab yourself a copy.