Father – “Everybody In The Club Getting Shot” (Video)

blame it on Patrick Glynn October 6, 2015

Father shares the visual for “Everybody In The Club Getting Shot” via MTV, though all the guns the ATL emcee and his crew don are censored. The song is a satire on the brashness of certain music in hip-hop that brags about the number of guns the artists have and how their body counts are even higher, and the visual enhances that with its white-and-pink garb, big-bootied women and guns on top of guns on top of guns.

Have no fear, though. Father said the “uncensored directors cut” will pop up via Awful Records’ Tuesday. This should be fun.

Download Who Is Gonna Get F***** First?

UPDATE: Today, we get the uncensored version. It’s a little longer, and the gun are flashing. Let’s get it.