Joe Budden Wastes Time w/ ItsTheReal

blame it on Meka October 7, 2015

Eric and Jeff Rosenthal’s podcast, “A Waste Of Time,” is one of the more entertaining hours every week. The premise is so simple, it’s confusing as to how nobody had thought of it before: the Rosenthals invite invite rappers, producers and other such music industry heavyweights to their homes, provide them with a cooked meal, and have them regale them with stories on their lives.

For their 20th episode, they invite Joe Budden to their kitchen table for a meal and some small talk. With his new album, All Love Lost, arriving on October 16th, Joe talks about his long tenure in the rap game which has begat a medley of humorous stories, all of which Joe is unafraid to divulge. During their time together, Budden talks about the time he was thisclose to signing with Roc-A-Fella Records, the struggles of getting in contact with Lil Wayne, who ended up with the Dub B-produced instrumental that would ultimately become “Focus,” and more.

“We were pretty close. I was down with Roc-A-Fella for about a week and a half. Yeah, that was around the time of their dissension, Jay and Dame. I was looking to be down with Roc-A-Fella but they were breaking up and it was rumored that Jay was going to be the head of Def Jam, and I was on Def Jam, so it just made for a really sticky situation. But it really didn’t work out. [I] don’t think I would’ve fit in any crew; I’m too much of a weirdo.”

The three would also talk about the best (or maybe worst) DJ request ever…

Watch the entire interview below.