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PREMIERE: Busdriver – “Worlds To Run” f. Anderson .Paak & milo

blame it on Patrick Glynn October 14, 2015

There’s only so much truth you can keep in your bowl.

We live in a world where we’re bashed for saying too much and talked down to for not saying enough. In the world of rap, it’s easy to take the second route – it’s where the money, and for the most part, many of the listeners exist: a world where rappers have nothing to say. Busdriver isn’t comfortable living in that world.

There’s so much truth to reveal about the world, and with the power of their voices and the Internet, their beliefs can spread like wildfire. Busdriver can make a song from his momma’s house and have hundreds of thousands of sets of ears listening and learning from his every word. On his new single, “Worlds to Run,” Busdriver, milo and Anderson .Paak contemplate that power over Kenny Segal’s emotional production, which contains a sample of Seawind’s “A Love Song” and additonal production from Mr. Carmack and Mike Parvizi.

As milo mumbles around his house trying to express his feelings, he tries to muster the capacity to say what needs to be said through the likes of Spock, Milan Kundera and Vegeta. They did what needed to be done and said what needed to be said. But, as .Paak notes, you can “speak your peace, but words are too harsh.” What needs to be said is hard enough to figure out, but HOW to say it can be even harder. It’s what the rappers with something to say have to struggle with. Ultimately, it’s up to the rapper to speak the truths (as Busdriver believes and thrives on: “I can do it my way”), and it’s up to us to interpret.

“Worlds To Run” is the first single off Busdriver’s upcoming mixtape, Thumbs, which will release on October 30.

Listen below.