Drake Covers W Magazine’s Art Issue

blame it on Meka October 15, 2015

Remember when Drake had sworn off doing interviews for magazines following his infamous Rolling Stone article? Well he’s since lifted that self-imposed ban, first by gracing the pages of FADER’S centennial issue and now by being the focal point of W Magazine’s annual art issue.


The article itself relatively brief, and doesn’t really touch on anything new (quick blurbs on What A Time TO Be Alive, even quicker on Views From The 6), but there are some choice quotes…

On returning to his original entertainment roots

Although Drake burst onto the scene as a unique musical force, he remained a kind of multi-hyphenate: In 2014 he hosted the ESPY awards and Saturday Night Live, and was sharp and funny on both. “I can’t wait to get back into acting,” Drake told me. “No one ever asks me to do movies, and, although music is my focal point now, I’d love to do a film. That was the life that I lived before, and it would be interesting to live it again.”

On Signing up for greatness

“Realizing that I had a larger purpose was one of the most comforting, peaceful feelings. With music, especially, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m a vessel to deliver emotion to people. I want to provide the background music to your life as you live it. I’m there for you in heartbreak and tragedy and joy. The thought of being remembered is what keeps me going. What I was trying to say is, the negatives don’t matter—it’s history that counts. At 19, I was just really, really excited to be in the room. Everything was romantic then. Now, nearly a decade later, it’s a bit different. I have to speak against negativity and conflict. There’s so much bullsh*t that you’re forced to address, but it’s okay. I’m afraid I sound boosie.”

.. as well as some pretty cool pictures, such as this one…


… and this one.


This one is rather… random.