Redman – “Dope Man” (Video)

blame it on Patrick Glynn October 16, 2015

Early last month, Redman premiered the first single, “Dope Man,” off his upcoming Mudface LP that’s set to release November 13. On this gorgeous Friday afternoon, we get the single’s hilarious visual.

Being the “dope man” around town, you’re asked on to do a lot. You’ve gotta make sure the people of the town have what they needs, first and foremost, but sometimes, you’ve got to solve whatever issue happens in said town. Redman is the “dope man” of his area, and in his video, a group of people stumble upon a deceased man. It’s Redman’s responsibility to investigate, and unfortunately, another one of Redman’s citizens suffered from chronic “ugly face” — so bad, it made the surrounding mourners wonder how the dude got any pussy play from women… But alas, the world must keep revolving, and the dope man must continue being the dope man, and Redman does it so well.

Watch the video above.