Mr. J. Medeiros – “Catch As Catch Can pt.1”

blame it on Shake October 19, 2015

After releasing “Gone” earlier this month, Mr. J. Medeiros is back with another song off his upcoming album, G.A.D., dropping January 12, 2016.

Produced by Tim Stewart, “Catch As Catch Can pt.1” finds Medeiros reminiscing on his upbringing, and proving that no matter the obstacles placed in front of him, he’s still going to prevail. And during his journey, the pen and pad is his escape.

Check it out below and pre-order G.A.D. on Bandcamp – doing so will get you a download link a week early!

I found it in that government housing mother coming up out em
Trouble is this doubling shifts uppin’ your hours
Can run anyone to the ground
When struggling to exist with two kids too young to help out
And it’s in this I discovered a sound while I was running through halls
Came around heard Run through the wall
And ever since I’ve been running through walls
Cus indifference to the gifts that you’ve been given
Gives you nothing at all
How can something so small get the guts to grow tall
Is it all gall and betting on luck it’s your call
We all fall but to keep getting up is no small task
So it seems what I asked in this scheme I’ll just show y’all
Tenacity cling to a dream till it snowballs
The exact two things you need to make cold calls
Own your flaws and know your cause
Faith means that hope don’t pause
Before those songs and Pro’s first performance with Master Jay
That was me with folded arms in a masquerade before he passed away
All I had was play so I had to pray to press record on the past today
Let’s forward see the craft today how it was grafted
Grown by throwing all these weak drafts away
How the scratches turn to passages then back to scratches
It’s a balancing act between tracks of passion
And this challenge to rap a scheme to be seen
As a meme or an asterisk
I mean to master this theme but these fingers are matches
And these magazines want a flashy bit so I snap to it
Faster than castanets and then after it’s ashes and half the wits
I’ll get that respect
And I’ll laugh a bit they didn’t get half of it but at last a check


Let’s get back to it
I wasn’t poor as in my door was made of sticks or straw
Nah it was of brick and mortar sure, with an eviction order
Different positions in life it got a bit disordered
Even now in this recording I’m in the kitchen sorting bills
As if theres money in these lyrics here to pay them
Lived in over twenty homes, apartments, even a Days Inn
And momma she told me Jason I’m sorry that you were raised in
So many different places the drama when on your way in
Your father and I had nothing
Caught in the line of suffering
Worked all the time while wondering if all we tried was comforting
I swore that I’d become a man if crawling to my summiting
With all that I can understand I know the wars you’ve won for me
Like 60’s hours a week minimum to 80’s hours on your feet
Are we in the 1st millennium
Or even farther back, I mean back to where Caesar was
Got me thinking of my father and how he lost his pizza parlor
Well that’s what a Little Caesar’s does
Now my father goes to bars when he needs a buzz
Fast forward to these bars and I need a buzz
Rewind to when I learned to say farther stead of further
Writing rhymes with a fervor and a Caesar buzz
Homie I gotta GPA of 1.3
Remind me what a teacher does
I went to six elementary’s three Jr. High’s one High School
Like new but no leader of I had to hide where the meter was
Rest in peace to my main man Minos
Keeping time on the beat we was
Just some outsiders where I was the rhymer
And reason was all but a speaker buzz
Like it was waiting on me to plug my mic in
The stage the only way to escape my pen
And by pen I mean prison, prison I mean complex
Serving these sentences I mean my context
Context as in what I’m writing here
And by pen I mean that which is mightier
Guess it all depends on my writers share
Yeah for anyone tryna hide their ears
Writing rhymes been my only ride outta here
Writing rhymes been my only ride outta here
Writing rhymes been my only ride outta here
Writing rhymes been my only ride outta here