Killer Mike – “EWYK”

blame it on Meka October 21, 2015

Frank “The Butcher” Rivera has been a staple in Boston’s streetwear, creative and music scenes for years, heading his own agency All Is Fair Agency and burgeoning clothing line Business As Usual (BAU). In October 2015 Frank The Butcher will unveil his new collaboration with PUMA, and as a bonus it will be accompanied by a promotional 7″ vinyl, Eat What You Kill. After premiering its “B-side” – “Oh Sh*t” with Al-Doe, Ariez Onasis and Chase N Cashe – Frank is behind the boards for this new offering from the fiery half of the Run The Jewels crew, Killer Mike.

Says Frank on his line:

“I’m a product of my environment. At the same time, as a young man I was focused on not allowing my environment stop me from doing something meaningful with my life. This collection represents just that, pushing forward and not subscribing to ‘can’t.’ Eat What You Kill is a way of speaking to kids from similar backgrounds; telling them go out and get it.”

Listen to the theme music below.