Russ – “Titanic”

blame it on Patrick Glynn October 21, 2015

For the most part, every person wants to reach the point in their life where they can comfortably provide for their parents as well as themselves. My dad turned 60 today, so I want him to stop working soon, but he can’t because money is always an issue. My mom is a bit younger, but she’s recently discover the hobby of traveling, and I’m sure if she didn’t have the financial restraints she had, she’d take a year off and hit up every corner of this sphere. So I feel Russ when he wants to help his parents out. We all do. Whether they’re sick, whether they’ve got a house or car to pay for, we’re happy when mom and dad are happy.

Russ’ new single, “Titanic,” explores those feelings, as he’s “working hard to get this money” so he can pay his parents bills. It’s hard to make it in the rap world, and when you reach a certain age where money is still a supreme struggle to bring in, the constraint of providing for everyone can get to you.

Listen to the self-produced “Titanic” below.