DJ Khaled Vows Miami Heat Will Make Finals, Reignites #DJKhaledCurse

blame it on Meka October 28, 2015

DJ Khaled is a man of many things: meme-worthy jewel dropper, sneaker aficionado, and in possession in a bigger mouth of the South than Jimmy Hart. However (and contrary to his belief), he has taken a loss for writing checks that said mouth was unable to cash. One of the more infamous moments was the time he promised that the Miami Heat would win the 2013-2014 NBA Title on national television…

The Spurs, of course, went on to beat the Heat in five games, winning each of their four games by the largest average point differential (14.0) in Finals history. Shortly after this, the Miami Heat seemingly imploded from the inside out and most of its players either retired or moved on to other teams, highlighted LeBron James returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Heat would not even make the playoffs in the following season, going 37-45.

But do you think something like that would stop Khaled from making silly predictions (now referred to as the DJ Khaled Curse) again? Of course not, as the guy predicted once again that the same team that had a losing record in 2014-2015 will compete for the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy in 2015-2016. Listen, I’m a Clippers/Lakers fan, but even I know that at least one of those has no shot at the chip and I would never boast as such. But then again, I’m not DJ Khaled: he changed a lot, you know.