Bishop Nehru – “Bishy In Atlanta”

blame it on Meka October 29, 2015

Bishop Nehru has been relatively busy lately, touring for a considerable amount of time and working on a follow-up to his Nehruvia: The Nehruvian EP. But after releasing a myriad of new songs on his birthday, he’s been largely quiet. That is until today, when he took to his e-home and delivered some good news as well as a song:

“Peace Nehruvians! What’s Up? Long time no post. I’ve been busy on the road finishing up this tour. I seriously cannot wait to get back home so I can start recording again and really drop the quake on everyone. I’m planning on 9.7 magnitude so be on the look out. I have so many Ideas that pop up in my head I can’t wait until I can act on them at any moment. But anyway on to this track, this is an idea I had while on the road based upon the love I have for Atlanta’s past and current music scene. Im New York to the core but as everyone knows I’ve been exposed to & appreciate music from everywhere due to the internet. So as I was passing through the city I thought why not drop a little something while Im here!”

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