PREMIERE – J.R. Donato Remixes Wiz Khalifa’s “Outsiders”

blame it on Patrick Glynn November 2, 2015

J.R. Donato is one of Taylor Gang’s up-and-comers, so Wiz Khalifa grabbed the Chicago rapper for the remix of his recently released single, “Outsiders.” Donato adds a verse the laid back, drugged out experience discussing struggles he’s been through growing up and even in the recent past. “Caught another case and, hey man, I’m not proud/ I’m just happy that my n*gga and my label kept me ’round,” Donato starts before flipping the verse into a feel-good moment of success and appreciation.

Discussing the song, Donato said Wiz’s version reminded him of Wiz Khalifa’s breakout mixtape, Kush & Orange Juice. He followed telling us in a email, “The hook inspired me the most cause he sounded like he had a lot on his mind when he came up with it, which then made me think about a lot, so it inspired me to get some things off my chest too.”

Listen to J.R. Donato’s remix to “Outsiders” below.