GoldLink Breaks Down The Concept Of Upcoming Debut Album

blame it on Patrick Glynn November 3, 2015

With GoldLink‘s And After That, We Didn’t Talk creeping closer to its November 13 release date, we get the fourth sound from the LP (following “Dance On Me,” “Spectrum” and “Unique“) with “Dark Skinned Women.”

With his right-hand man Louie Lastic on the boards, the DMV native focuses on what seems like the woman of his dreams, letting her know she’s a “star” in his eyes. Of all the songs released from the album so far, “Dark Skinned Women” has the easiest production and lyrics to wrap your head around. It seems like it’ll be an introduction — or at least near the beginning — of the album, because it seems a pretty happy beginning for the dark turn that is the concept of “and after that, we didn’t talk.”

Annie Mac of BBC Radio 1 premiered the song on her radio show, and she discussed the album, how he started rapping and more with GoldLink. He described the album as a concept album about one girl who he hadn’t talked to in four years (before, ironically, talking to her a couple days ago). GoldLink always has easy-going, light-hearted vibes throughout his music, so now matter how much of a bummer not talking to someone after, seemingly, falling in love is, the DMV rapper will sure to keep the body moving.

Listen to “Dark Skinned Women” and the interview below, and pre-order And After That, We Didn’t Talk on iTunes.