Machine Gun Kelly – “World Series” (Video)

blame it on Patrick Glynn November 3, 2015

I’m depressed as hell. For the last two days, I’ve been trying to get over the fact the Mets blew the World Series. When I go into the “sports” folder on my phone, I keep accidentally opening the MLB app thinking there’s another game today, because that’s what I’ve been doing for the last six months, and what pops up is the “Royals – 7 Mets – 2” score that haunts my nightmares. Right under it is link to a video with the still image of Royals players jumping up and down because they just won the World Series.

Needless to say, I’ve been trying to forget that Sunday night happened. Music is a good escape, as it has been since it first started being made. Whether you’re Beethoven or Zaytoven, music — whether you make it or listen to it — can help you forget the troubles of the world for just a bit. That is unless you write about music. And that is unless Machine Gun Kelly decides to drop the video for one of his General Admission tunes, “World Series.” Then the past week of highs and lows — mostly lows, in my sports world — rush back and you wind up writing a blog post about your feeling when you should really be writing about a video.

So if you’ll do me a favor, watch the video, which seems to be about “One Punch Kells,” Machine Gun Kelly’s boxing alter ego, above and form a decent opinion on it so I don’t have to think about the phrase “World Series” for another second. (No offense to Mr. Kelly. As Martin would say, “I’M GOING THROUGH SOMETHING RIGHT NOW.”)

Head to iTunes to grab a copy of General Admission.

UPDATE: Mr. Kelly revealed his video was inspired by Snatch, a Guy Ritchie movie I’ve been told I should see but, obviously, haven’t seen yet.

the ‘World Series’ short film is out NOW. ?? inspired by Snatch. ?????? link in my bio. #GeneralAdmission

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