Busdriver – “MUCH” (Video)

blame it on Patrick Glynn November 4, 2015

Busdriver is dropping a new mixtape, Thumbs, on Friday (November 6th), and today we get the third single, “MUCH,” with a visual to match.

Following “Worlds To Run” and “Ministry Of The Torture Couch,” the third single from Driver’s upcoming project is the brightest one yet sonically. Quick, whipping drums, samples and fluttering synthesizers from The Jefferson Park Boys (Mr. Carmack, Kenny Segal & Mike Parvizi) provide the backdrop to the Cali native’s words, which revolve around the idea that Busdriver and his friends (and people) are “doing too much.” Doing to much to help the the rap world. Doing too much to inform. The hook has a slight under tone of sarcasm, though, as Busdriver spits “who the fuck you talkin’ ’bout if you ain’t talkin’ ’bout us?” Busdriver is often scared of the future of the world and his people, and it’s warranted. Throughout “MUCH,” he ponders racial tensions and inequalities. But it’s seems like everything Driver and his people do is critiqued in some way. While it’s spun that some may be doing too much, others aren’t doing nearly enough.

Pre-order Thumbs on iTunes, and watch the video above, which is made to seem like it’s shot in one full take (a lá Birdman) with a full crew of dancers and money being thrown around everywhere (including a fire).