Michael Christmas – “Look Up/Save The Day” (Video)

blame it on Patrick Glynn November 4, 2015

Michael ChristmasWhat A Weird Day is still one of the many, many albums on the docket to delve into. I view the Boston native as one of the funnier, more enjoyable listens because of his generally not-so-serious and playful raps. But at least for a moment on his latest LP, it seems, the mood switched.

On “Look Up/Save the Day,” Christmas analyzed his childhood and the city he grew up in. Talking about the regular topics of one growing up in a struggling neighborhood — gangs, guns, drugs — Christmas realized he couldn’t see any stars when he looked up on a clear night. He wanted to be a star. He wanted to get out the hood. And now that he has a bit of success, he’s able to look back and talk about how difficult it was growing up in Roxbury.

Christmas told Complex, who premiered the video, he wanted to be the star that put his city’s scene on the map:

“The first half is sort of a cry for help and the second half is me becoming the hero I wanted to see in the first half. It ain’t no stars in the hood means just that, but also that being from Boston, we haven’t had a star or a superhero we could emulate and try to be like in order for us to make our escape.”

Watch the video above, and download What A Weird Day on iTunes.