Daye Jack – “Piggybank”

blame it on Patrick Glynn November 5, 2015

Daye Jack is a young talent from the Atlanta area who finds his home in the alt-rap genre. He’s in the mix of artists, like GoldLink & Gallant, who can both sing and rap, usually have strong synth-based production and make incredibly catchy tunes. Showcasing his talents earlier this summer with his Soul Glitch EP, the man is ready to make his full-length debut via Warner Brothers sometime next year.

Following songs like “Easy” and “Save My Soul” that received heavy play throughout the bright days of summer, the ATL native returns with “Piggybank,” which sounds more full and vibrant than any of his previous work.

Surveying his way through fame, Daye Jack wonders what to do with the new-found ears, money and pressure. At 19, he’s already seen more success than many people experience in a lifetime, even though he’s just getting started. That’s a lot for a teenager to take on. He wants to be the dude with all the chains, a Hummer with new rims, a big house with a wife and two kids. But at the same time, he’s gotta provide for the family and save up so when he actually gets these things, he doesn’t go broke as quick as he got it.

There’s some clear influence from Kendrick Lamar on this — more specifically his song “Institutionalized.” From the slower, jazzy production to the multiple voices playing multiple influences, Daye Jack, much like Kendrick, ponders what to do with his success. Even though they’re on separate levels of fame, it’s a theme that can run across from the biggest rapper in the world down to a man who is about to blow.

Daye Jack talked to The FADER, who premiered the song, about the meaning of the song:

“It’s about wanting to get paid, wanting to be rich, and embracing the lifestyle that comes with the partying and having a good time. It’s also about having a little bit of doubt about what should and shouldn’t be a priority. Especially the fears of having all the fancy things—money, drugs, cars, jewelry, girls—and losing them.”

Listen to “Piggybank” below. Get ready to stack those coins, Daye Jack.