An Ode To 50 Cent, The King Of Trolls

blame it on Meka November 9, 2015

Normally, this piece would be slated to talk more about 50 Cent‘s forthcoming project The Kanan Tape (and the tentative artwork which you see above), however we all know why we’re here.

Curtis Jackson has built his near-two decade long career on the humble art of trolling, going as far back as catching the ire JAY Z Jay-Z, Big Punisher and Puff Daddy with the tongue-in-cheeky “How To Rob.” Ask Ja Rule what happened to his own career when he aggravated 50 into nearly trolling him out of existence (the later Murder Inc. issues certainly didn’t help things either). And while he didn’t succeed in burying Rick Ross‘ career as he once vowed, he still gets underneath Renzel’s skin enough to garner a reaction from him every now and then. It was, at the very least, respectable humor for the average outsider.

However, his latest raid against actress and former girlfriend Vivica A. Fox just proved that he will forever hold a vice-like grip on the title of the Troll King.

Without going into too many details, Curtis went from insulting her acting chops to cracking jokes about his penchant for anilingus after Vivica insinuated he may have “alternative” sexual tendencies on television. When one can take an insult levied against them, then turn it against the insulter, that my dear friends is some next-level trolling. At this point, would you even want to go against someone who willingly brags about getting his salad tossed like his name was Fleece Johnson? Absolutely not. If anybody is willing to admit that all in the name of a few laughs, then imagine what they’d be down to do if they actually got upset.

Sure, I may have done my fair share of trolling… either during an online video game, a heated comments section debate, or back in high school. At my advanced age and dwindling sanity I simply have better things to do with my time. But then again, I’m not 50 Cent: a guy who, despite staring bankruptcy in the face, continues to torment any and everybody who dares cross him in the slightest. You got it, Curtis; the esteemed title of Troll King is all yours.