brandUn DeShay Previews ‘goldUn Child’ Single, “It’s goldUn”

blame it on Meka November 9, 2015

The DopeHouse has been one of the biggest supporters of the always eclectic brandUn DeShay. The only problem with that is, the multi-talented producer-on-the-mic – and former 2Dope To Sleep On alum – has slowed his body of musical output to a near-crawl lately, as he had stepped away from the microphone to briefly focus solely on the production front. That’s not to say that some of the results haven’t been great, however; he has blessed Dom Kennedy, Action Bronson, and Chance The Rapper among many others with backdrops inspired by everything from video games to anime films.

However, if you follow him on his various social media profiles you would notice a recurring trend: brandUn gets constantly inundated with inquiries for the whereabouts for goldUn Child, his long-in-the-works follow-up to his 2012 mixtape Your Favorite Mixtape 2. His fans’ requests were finally answered when, after releasing songs such as “Chi-bUya” and “yUng N On Da ComeUp” over the last year the Windy City-to-Los Angeles transplant has announced that his project has a formal release date:

As such, the DopeHouse is teaming with brandUn to unveil many gifts, songs and much more in support of the project, including songs that ultimately were left on the cutting room floor. The first of such offerings is “it’s goldUn.” Seemingly inspired by the earlier days of N.E.R.D, the song ended up unfinished as bandUn felt that the song did not match with the rest of the story he will tell with goldUn Child.

With the project landing on November 19th, fans can keep up with everything at the DopeHouse.