Juicy J – “U Can’t”

blame it on Patrick Glynn November 9, 2015

Juicy J will forever be immortalized in hip-hop because of his contributions in Three 6 Mafia and behinds the boards throughout the 2000s and beyond. Though the quality has taken a slight step back over the last two years or so, Sir Juicy of House J from Memphis occasionally drops a gem, and he’s done so with “U Can’t.”

Revolving around the idea that “u can’t” compare to the success and stunting Juicy has accomplished, he oozes southern swag over Zaytoven production. From buying cars when he’s bored to when stealing a man’s woman and getting her in the bedroom (“Hell yeah I let her swallow!” As if it’s implied that it was her first option…), Juicy J’s swag is on a thousand hundred million.

Listen to “U Can’t” below.