Saturday Night Sexy: Jessica Tara

blame it on JES7 November 14, 2015

You know, to keep it 100, I honestly think there are way too many “yeah-I’m-a-yoga-slash-pilates-instructor-who-works-at-a-juicing-company-and-am-sponsored-by-a-herbal-tea-company” type chicks out there in this world. It’s not that I think women (and men) should not be allowed to practice the art and stay fit, physically, mentally and metaphysically. My frustration lies in those who practice it for the obligatory IG likes and treat it as some sort of trend. It is, in my humble opinion, the equivalent of those who practice martial arts disciplines not for its core values, but as a way to boast. It’s exploitation, and quite frankly, an insult to my Asian people.

I do obviously appreciate those who learn any of these disciplines for genuine reasons and then pass on the knowledge they’ve learned to others willing to absorb. I digress.

Meet the charming and stunning Jessica Tara. L.A. resident and registered yoga teacher. Follow her on the Gram. And the Twitter.

Check out her doing some “booty yoga” before bed.

And some more, umm, yoga before bed.

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