Yasiin Bey Addresses Recent Paris Terrorist Attacks; Releases “NO Colonial Fiction”

blame it on JES7 November 14, 2015

Being that this is a Hip-Hop website, I will do my best to keep as much politics as I can out of this piece. On the other hand, being an American patriot and a proud military veteran, I will include my personal opinions.

As most of you may have heard, a well connected series of deplorable terrorist attacks occurred last night in Paris, France. The violent bombing/shootings left more than 128 people dead, with upwards of 300 people injured, with the number expected to rise. This latest act of savagery follows in the wake of both the thwarted Thalys train attack in August as well as the January 2015 Paris terrorist shootings.

Today, CNN reports that extremist militant group ISIL has claimed responsibility behind the heinous and cowardly assault.

Shortly after hearing about the news, Yasiin Bey spoke with social/political activist and esteemed journalist Ferrari Sheppard about the fucked up events, letting off a brazen “Fuck you” to the uncivilized, “innovative goat fuckers.” Listen to the interview below.

The “Basquiat Ghostwriter” also shared an inspiring new song titled “NO Colonial Fiction” which addresses the unjustified and senseless shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice of Cleveland, Ohio last year.