Verbal Kent – “Feel The Power” (Video)

blame it on Shake November 16, 2015

Chicago’s Verbal Kent is back with a crazy new video from his Anesthesia LP.

Taking place within Ken’t twisted mind, “Feel the Power” finds comedian Beth Stelling witnessing a group of friends tripping on acid, drinking, and inhaling nitric oxide.

“So, ‘Feel the Power’ is a collection of stories presented in a sort of montage form, based on my life when I was a ‘younger’ dude. We’ve all been ‘younger.’ Growing up in Chicago, hanging out with good friends, trying stuff. Being ourselves, sort of finding our way. When discussing a video concept for the song, Peter, the director and I realized a great way to flash back and take viewers into my memories, was to literally do just that. In the video, Our main character played by comedian Beth Stelling is offered a tour of my mind and a look into a time of my life where I felt invincible. I wasn’t – but luckily I made it out just bibildy blurb deripdygshsb.”

Check out the Peter Stepnoski-directed clip above and cop Anesthesia—featuring Freddie Gibbs, Skyzoo, Marco Polo, Apollo Brown, and more—on iTunes.