WebsterX’s Radiohead-Inspired ‘KidX’ Is Out Now

blame it on Patrick Glynn November 17, 2015

Last week, we were so happy to announce WebsterX would be teaming up with Q the Sun for a three-track EP called KidX, which was named similarly to legendary British rock band Radiohead’s Kid A.

The Milwaukee native lined the streets of his hometown over the passed couple weeks with art in order to promote the ominous title/project, which was just revealed last week. After a trip to Brooklyn, Webster told us he was creatively inspired to roll out a project in a way more advanced than dropping a single with the project coming later. If you lived outside of Milwaukee, it was difficult to follow the rollout other than social media, but as the creativity continues to churn, WebsterX’s fan base an ability to reach different cities will expand.

The EP has one feature (from Lex Allen) on the final song, “New Age.” According to his SoundCloud, WebsterX took inspiration from Kid A‘s sound and themes of darkness and depression but condensed it to a 10-minute ride of emotion. Full of muddled sounds and charming melodies, KidX, at least for the first run through, is a fascinating introduction to the Milwaukee native.

KidX is WebsterX’s oddest, yet most intriguing, experiment into alternative-rap following songs like “Lately” and “Kinfolk” released before the project. You can stream KidX below, and download it for free via SoundCloud.