brandUn DeShay Previews New Project, ‘goldUn Child’

blame it on Meka November 18, 2015

Tomorrow (November 19th) marks a special day for brandUn DeShay, for after several years he will be releasing his anticipated new project goldUn Child. In the days leading up to its formal release, the longtime DopeHouse mainstay has been releasing a series of “B-sides:” tracks that he crafted during the four-year process of the album yet did not make the final product, including “It’s goldUn,” “The Break Up/Break Down,” “GLOin’ UP,” “Creepin’” and “It’s OK pt.2.” As such, the Windy City artist will now premiere the project at 2DopeBoyz as well.

Coming in at 11 tracks, goldUn Child will contain both previous releases and all-new tracks. As a bonus, brandUn has been previewing snippets of the album via his Instagram page; fans can check down bottom for both the full tracklist and some of those snippets.

1. a goldUn Prayer///a goldUn Morning (金朝。)
2. Celebrate
3. Had ‘Em All
4. Chi-bUya///Osaka Pride (大阪高慢。)
5. Tokyo///a goldUn Ballad f. Jordan Bratton (金歌。)
6. I Love It
7. a goldUn Evening (金夕。)
8. yUng N’ On Da ComeUp
9. Long Time, No See (久しぶり。)
10. a goldUn Night (金夜。)
11. Letter To God

“Long Time, No See (久しぶり。)”

“Letter To God”