Leon Bridges – “So Long”

blame it on Patrick Glynn November 20, 2015

Now that I have Apple Music, I don’t need to keep music music on my phone outside of mixtapes and stuff that, well, doesn’t land on Apple Music. But for some reason, one of the few actual albums I’ve kept on my phone most of the year is Leon BridgesComing Home. It’s one the the smoothest and easiest listens of the year, and the soulful crooner is back with a new song, “So Long,” from the movie Concussion starring Will Smith.

“So Long” features a slow tempo alongside an acoustic guitar and organ as Bridges sings about a changing relationship. In a movie about severe head trauma, you can tell this will play as the realizations sets in for one or many characters of the severity of concussions. “I feel distant, there’s been a change,” Bridges sings, as can notice a person isn’t the same as they used to be pre-concussions. In the middle of the movie, I’m sure “So Long” will be far more emotional than it already is as a standalone single, but this showcases the soulfulness and simplicity of Bridges.

Listen to “So Long” below.