Fetty Wap – “Grandma”

blame it on JES7 November 21, 2015

I’ve never really quite cared for Fetty Wap‘s music. It just doesn’t appeal to me, being I’m a grown man who doesn’t masquerade as a 16 to 24 year suburbanite who portrays themselves from the hood. You know the type, loud as a motorbike.

Recently, I watched Vice’s (or was it Noisey) mini doc on the young New Jersey singerapper – and my impressions of him were “Wow, he actually seems like a pretty cool dude; seems a humble and likable person, and he even tipped his valet heavy.” Unlike most, who, with the type of fame and notoriety they’d have attained at such a young age, would be acting like a wild, spoiled dickhead. Yet, I still don’t quite care for Fetty Wap his music. I guess that makes me some old, uncool dude. Whatever.

On the Zoo Gang keeper‘s latest, he shows lots of love and respect to the person who basically co-raised him, “Grandma.” Listen to it below and go ahead and rip me a new one for not liking dude’s music.

UPDATE: This song originally came to be during a freestyle Fetty did while with Shade 45’s Sway in the Morning. DJ Wonder took that freestyle and incorporated it into an original song which can be heard below.