Sylvan LaCue – “Studio City” f. Melát

blame it on Shake November 23, 2015

Artwork by Jonathan Benavente.

Life is a wild ride, man. One day, you could be on top of the world, and the next, you hit rock-bottom. Nothing is guaranteed but death and taxes, so we navigate through the ups-and-downs in hopes to find a perfect balance.

The joy a newborn baby brings. The pain of losing someone you love. The anxiety that builds with the unknown future. No matter what end of the track you’re on, the never-ending roller coaster of emotions can be a lot to handle—especially the lows. And, while it’s been proven that talking about your issues can help ease the load, there are times where you just don’t want to bother. You’d rather be alone with your own vices and deal with the hand dealt to you in your own way.

Earlier this year, QuESt Sylvan LaCue was residing on the bottom end of the seesaw, and this is how he handled it…

“I wrote this record at one of the lowest times of my travels this year,” says Sylvan. “This song reflects the perils of the lifestyle I was leading. A lot of ignored phone calls, drunken nights, & delusional moments in the backseat of Uber drivers. I was lost in somewhat of a fantasy world, & I wanted to vividly detail the emotions I felt”.

Produced by Linzi Jai and Wishlade, “Studio City” features additional vocals from our girl Melát, and will live on Sylvan’s upcoming project, Far From Familiar.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a glass of Makers and a paper plane to attend to…