Russ – “Checked”

blame it on Patrick Glynn November 24, 2015

If Russ‘ goal was to appear on the DopeHouse every week of 2015, he’s probably accomplished that. The Atlanta native drops by once again with the self-produced “Checked,” as he goes back to the stunting nature after calming things down a bit on songs like “Liquor, Weed & Fucking Often.”

With the amount of music Russ has released this year, a bigger fan base and more buzz has come along with it. With those new ears comes people who hate on the singer/rapper/producer, so sometimes they need to be “checked” — kind of like when Kevin Garnett used to give some extra hard screens on pesky defenders/people who were getting too hot. You can’t let other people’s egos get too high.

Listen to “Checked” below.