YG Covers FADER, Talks DJ Mustard, Shooting & More

blame it on Meka November 24, 2015

It has been a rather interesting road for Keenon Daequan Ray Jackson. The man also known as YG has experienced a lot in hit short 25 years on the planet, and has achieved a lot as well. But as he prepares to release the follow-up to his critically acclaimed 2014 debut album, My Krazy Life, YG has gone through enough turmoil to last a lifetime: his album was snubbed at the Grammys, he briefly had issues – and has since reconciled – with DJ Mustard, and he was recently shot.

However, none of that has slowed down his work ethic, and he sat down with the FADER to give a brief history lesson, the ostensible problems with YG and DJ Mustard, the shooting and its subsequent repercussions, and much more. Some choice quotes:

Sickamore and YG are back at it for Still Krazy, but DJ Mustard is noticeably less in the mix this time around. In January, a conflict between Mustard and YG over label payment spilled onto social media, giving rise to rumors of bad blood, but it wasn’t long before they publicly reconciled. They spent a few weeks in the studio together over the summer and Sickamore hopes the pair will get more time in soon. Mustard declined to be interviewed for this story, but YG is quick to play down any hint of a lingering issue. “That’s how it be sometimes when niggas is, like, homies and business,” he says, speaking deliberately. “We solid. We A1.”

YG was treated for his wounds and discharged on June 13. He recorded a song, tentatively titled “Who Shot Me,” the very same day. Authorities reported that YG was “very uncooperative” when asked about the incident, but on “Who Shot Me” he works through his reaction to it with gripping transparency. Over a snaking sitar and keys drenched in church choir harmonies, he mulls over enemies and friends alike who may have had a hand in the attempted hit and how it’s affected his family, his work, and his peace of mind. They knew the code to my gate, he raps. That was awkward.

Since the news of the shooting broke, it’s become more difficult for YG to move around in L.A. Many studios have stopped returning his calls, and he’s had to start taking additional precautions. A bodyguard named Gloves beats him to every destination and posts at the entrance to every room. To date, there have been no leads in the investigation of the shooting.

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